Sandwich Making

On the first Friday of every month at 6pm, a group of students meet to prepare sandwiches and lunch bags for those in need. The next morning we drive the lunches up to the Southernside Community Center in Greenville to offer a meal to our brothers and sisters who are experiencing hunger and homelessness.

Service Immersion Trips

For spring break 2018 (March 17-24), we are partnering with DeSales Service Works in Camden, New Jersey! We will spend a week with the DSW year-long young adult volunteers, and staff at DSW, working with them in their community in North Camden.

Part of the service immersion experience is being open to going, not knowing exactly what we are doing until we arrive. Our job is to serve the needs of the community in Camden during the time we are with them. Some examples of possible needs during our visit include: preparing and distributing food at a local soup kitchen, light manual labor to clean and maintain parks in the community (or other projects involving light manual labor in the community on an as-needed basis), a ministry of presence at a local homeless shelter, or working in the community garden. Some, all, or none, of these example may be needed when we are in Camden.

If you have any questions, contact Darien. If you’re ready to commit, fill out the registration form!

Other Service Opportunities

If you have suggestions, or would like to know more about service opportunities through CSA, contact James Scheuer.